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This project is very new and accurate relevant listings take quite some time for me to add one by one. Arriving at your location to take photos and gather relevant data.

If you would like to speed things up for yourself, take a few high quality images that you wish to share and your personal information, as in business name, type, location etc. and using the Easy Create Wiki Page Request Form at JungguoExpress to submit the text portion and I will arrange to receive images from you separately. I will then expedite the page for you with the information provided.

If you are a restauranteur, you should provide a menu/takeout menu and any relevant artwork, interior images and so on to represent yourself sharply here within the wiki and at our sister web sites such as DoesTakeOut.net and wherever else is appropriate to serve you and our visitors.

Some of you are hard to find. Realtors, Doctors, Pharmacists, Engineers, Artists, Radiologists, Musicians, Vendors here and there, Mechanics, Priests, Monks, Associations without storefronts, Natural Medicine/ Acupuncturists, Scientists, Exercise groups, Groups of all types and on and on.

Please use the JungguoExpress Easy Create Wiki Page Request Form to let me know about you.

Seasonal Events are of great interest to all of your neighbours so let me know about your next big event.

This is about sharing with your surrounding non Chinese speaking and reading neighbours, children and friends.


Easy Create Wiki Page Request Form quick submission form

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